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  • Asking the Right Questions With Tom Ryther

    Behind the scenes in TV journalism. Reflections of broadcast journalist Tom Ryther. Learn what famous celebrities were really like or what U.S. Presidents had to say in private and oh so much more!
  • Being a REAL Success: Lessons Learned

    Have you ever studied something and gone way from it and said great material but how can I be a REAL Success with it? This power packed class will give you four practical applications - one from each of the four books in the REAL Success Series on How to be Be a REAL Success - Relationships, Equipping, Attitude, Leadership, by John Maxwell, international leadership expert, that will challenge you to discover and cultivate your most valuable relationships that lead you to being a REAL Success!
  • Books Alive!

    This group has fun together performing theatrical oral readings, making books come alive for children and adults. Books Alive tours as Asset Champions encouraging literacy and active aging. Participants must be Senior Program members. Thee is no charge for this course and no registration is needed. For more information call Friends of the Arts at 9529286422.
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  • Brazil's Pantanal

    Brazil, like Africa, has Savannah grasslands— but they're seasonally-flooded ranches! The ”Big Five” animals can be seen: jaguars, giant river otters, maned wolves, tapirs, and giant anteater. Discover the unique landscapes, birds, and mammals of this lesser-known wildlife haven. Instructor: Lee Ann Landstrom
  • Dessert Theater

    Would history be different if women had governed? Explore this question by participating in The Cabinet Meeting, a play where you are both audience and cast. Historian and playwright, Madeline Hansen, will play Susan B. Anthony, who has been elected president and has appointed a cabinet made up of other notable women, including Hennepin County’s own suffragist leader Clara Ueland. Participants receive their role when they arrive, along with a script to read aloud (speaking and non-speaking parts available). Dessert or treats will be served at class. April 13 at the Lenox Community Center in St. Louis Park. Afterward, participants will have time to view a display from the Votes for Women exhibit, which explores the women's suffrage movement in Hennepin County. June 13 in the Great Room of Hennepin History Museum, located in a historic mansion in the Washburn-Fair Oaks neighborhood of Minneapolis. Afterward, participants will have time to view the Votes for Women exhibit, which explores the women’s suffrage movement in Hennepin County. Visiting the Museum at this time does require the use of stairs. Madeline Hansen, is the Suffrage Artist in Residence at Hennepin History Museum from January-June 2020. In her twenties, Madeline led Michigan’s 7000 members of the National Organization for Women as their State President. After moving to Minnesota, the Saint Paul League of Women Voters tapped Madeline as their Executive Director. Madeline’s passion for women’s history led her to establish a second home in Seneca Falls, New York where she served on its comprehensive planning board. Currently, Madeline is dedicated to sharing Minnesota’s rich suffrage legacy--as home to America’s first 19th Amendment voters-- through research, public celebrations and the arts.
  • Developing Your Photography Angle

    Photography is like any other form of artistic expression is personal.Each of us sees the world through the camera differently.As photographers, our perspective view of the world around us can change, develop, and improve with a little practice and passion. Instructor: Doug Ohman
  • Discover Your Roots

    Lean how to start researching your family tree! We’ll cover free tools for starting your family tree, how to gather and add family information, how to use free databases and how to find other family tree information. Paper forms will be provided at the first class; feel free to bring your electronic device if you’ve already started your family tree.
  • Energy Induced Wordless Connection: Connecting Uses Energy and Goes Well Beyond Words

    Communicating takes a lot of energy but it doesn't always take words. The more you do to go beyond words, the greater the chance you will connect with people to be a REAL Success. In this communications class, we will use Everyone Communicates, Few Connect by John Maxwell and we will talk about how going beyond the words of what is said will help you connect one on one, in a group and with an audience from a stage so that you can be a REAL Success when it matters most!
  • First Ladies Part 1

    Travel back through time with historian and storyteller, Doug Ohman as he shares interesting stories, photographs and forgotten memories about America’s best loved First Ladies.Part 1 – 1789 (Martha Washington) – 1861 (Mary Todd Lincoln)
  • Health Care Fraud & Scams

    This presentation will teach you how to detect Medicare fraud and what to do if Medicare Fraud is suspected. We discuss the top scams currently being directed towards seniors and highlight why seniors are specifically targeted. Tips will be offered on how to avoid falling for scams and where to get help. Instructor: Senior Linkage Line
  • Health Care Fraud-Preventing Medicare Fraud and Avoiding Scams

    This presentation will teach you how to detect Medicare fraud and what to do if Medicare Fraud is suspected. We discuss the top scams currently being directed towards seniors and highlight why seniors are specifically targeted. Tips will be offered on how to avoid falling for scams and where to get help.
  • History of Places in the Park

    Join us for a lecture series on the History of Saint Louis Park. The Saint Louis Park Historical Society present stories from their new book: "Places in the Park, a physical history of Saint Louis Park, Minnesota" Instructor: Bill Beyer
  • Holocaust In Europe

    The Holocaust, was a genocide in which some six million European Jews were killed by Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany, and the World War II collaborators with the Nazis. The victims included 1.5 million children, and constituted about two-thirds of the nine million Jews who had previously resided in Continental Europe. Other groups of people were also killed by the Nazis during their reign of terror in Europe
  • How Do You Pay For It?

    Spending, Debt, Deficits, Taxes, and the question of how do we pay for it? Everyone, for the most part, would like the benefits of Medicare For All, The Green New deal, Free College, etc., but we get bogged down and side tracked by the “how do you pay for it” question. Is this a valid question or is it a smoke screen that prevents us from having a substantive discussion on the merits of these big Ideas? This course will dive into the process of how the federal government creates and spends money and if we can afford it. Hopefully, by the end of the course, you will have the tools and insights to make up your own mind.
  • Influential Women in American History

    Influential Women in American History: Enjoy a class with historian Doug Ohman as he shares the lives of a select group of women who made an impact in American history. Doug will select a variety of stories about famous and not so famous women who lived amazing lives. See attached photos
  • Intentionally Aware Growth

    Life is now in session! There are no do overs! Don’t get stuck in the growth gaps! John Maxwell, international leadership expert, identifies 8 gaps that keep most people from reaching their personal best in this best selling book the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. Come to the class to gain new strategies to implement and bridge the gaps in your own life and take the first steps of your plan to over come them! Through that, you will learn the first steps in putting together a plan for personal growth and be invited to the mastermind course in the fall of 2020!
  • Intro to Digital Cameras & Photography

    Have you always wanted to take great photos? Not sure how to use your Digital SLR or mirrorless camera? No worries! This 4-session class will introduce you to how to adjust your camera to take those great shots. We will take the mystery out of camera settings to understand which settings are really important, how each works, and how to use them! This class is designed for both new digital camera owners and beginning photographers. Here's what participants had to say: "I've owned my DSLR for 6 yrs and now I finally know how to use it. Thanks!" "I highly recommend his class. Excellent for beginners. Mike's depth of knowledge is excellent. Well worth the cost." "Great introduction to photography and and very applicable to daily photography." "What a wonderful class! Mike is a great teacher! Absolutely worth the time and money!"
  • Introduction to Chinese Customs and Ancient Philosophies

    In this class, you will be led to discover the basics of the well-known Chinese ancient philosophical doctrines and views about life, happiness, success, universe and health. If you have always had curiosities about Chinese ancient cultures, philosophies and medicines, or if you have heard of Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Chinese Five Elements, Chinese Astrology, Lunar Calendars, etc. and always wonder what exactly they are about, join us to explore together these Chinese ancient mysteries. It’s a lot of fun for thinkers and inquisitors!
  • It's A Wonderful Life

    George Bailey has so many problems he is thinking about ending it all - and it's Christmas! As the angels discuss George, we see his life in flashback. As George is about to jump from a bridge, he ends up rescuing his guardian angel, Clarence - who then shows George what his town would have looked like if it hadn't been for all his good deeds over the years. If you have never seen this movie don't miss it and if you have you know you want to see it again! This is the BEST! Bob will surely have some surprises and a lot of anecdotes about the stars, Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed. Instructor: Bob DeFlores
  • Ladies of Song

    Ladies of Song is a look at 25 of the greatest female singers. Bob has created a presentation from rare footage big bands, short subjects, news reels, and feature films from 1929 to 1957. You will see rare clips from singers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Lena Horne, Billie Holiday and so many more. This is a look back that you won't see anywhere else. Instructor: Bob DeFlores
  • Language of Leaving

    As individuals prepare to pass out of body at the end of life, noticeable cues often appear in perception, language and dreams. Understanding those changes can make the transition through death less difficult to navigate. Here's what participants had to say: "Very informative and interesting." "Very interesting! Gives me a better sense of how to comfort and be comfortable with people who are dying."
  • Life With Father

    This slice-of-life comedy was based on a popular Broadway play. In late 19th-century New York City, stockbroker Clarence Day strives to maintain order in his bustling household. Despite his attempts to be the chief authority over his four sons, his wife, Vinnie, is the one who truly keeps order in their home, much to Clarence's chagrin. To gain more respect, Clarence reluctantly considers making changes that will benefit everyone, including his own baptism. You will love this funny and heartwarming movie. Bob will fill you in on the backstage workings of the stars and production. Life With Father stars Elizabeth Taylor, William Powell, Irene Dunne. Instructor: Bob DeFlores
  • Live Your Life or Someone Else Will For You: Live Your Dream!

    It's been said that you either design your life or someone else will for you! This course will help you take ownership of your dream and put practical cost setting strategies beyond money in your mind towards to help you reach your dreams that you then can share with those who matter most. If you have a desire to live beyond the regular routine, you want more time back, you know your capable of more income and are looking for a pathway to a better life, this interactive course is designed for you!
  • Lunch & Learn For Veteran's and Their Spouses

    The insight you need on veteran benefits for seniors.Military veterans have hundreds of available benefits, including health care, education, training, housing assistance and more. There are so many benefits, in fact, the challenge comes in navigating these benefits well, especially with misconceptions around who is eligible for what.Dan & Mary Tillman, Seniors Real Estate Specialists, have partnered with Department of Veterans Administration to provide informational seminars for veterans and their families about senior housing options, as well as specific veterans' benefits and services. If you are a retired veteran or approaching retirement age, there are a host of resources waiting to assist you. This free seminar will provide information on:Common Solutions - paying for senior housing, VA Care - Aid & Attendance, VA Spousal Benefits, VA Medical Care, VA Widows & Death Pension, VA Service Connected Disabilities, VA Burial Benefits, VA Seniors Nursing Homes, VA Medical Health Care, VA Life Insurance. Instructors: Dan & Mary Tillman & Neil Doyle