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  • Intro to Android Phone/Tablet

    Do you want to learn how to customize your Android phone or tablet, take advantage of all its great features and have fun? This is the place to learn! In the first class, you will learn how to set up your device to work the way YOU want it to work. You will set up wall paper, the home page, control the sounds it makes and when, learn how to control it with voice commands and more. In the second class, we will practice doing some common tasks using the applications that came with your device such as checking email, taking photos and sharing them with others, saving information about a contact, etc. Our third class will be all about applications—where to get them and how to do it safely, how to choose applications, download them and install them. We will finish up by discussing resources for helping yourself when things go wrong. Be sure to bring your Android phone or tablet with a well charged battery, and set up your Google account for it ahead of time.
  • iPhone Basics

    Do you have an iPhone but feel you are not fully understanding how to use it? This is the course for you. We will go over each topic slowly, together, and in detail. The first day: the basics, including but not limited to, general operation of phone, on / off, charging, low power mode, buttons (what do they do?), Change background, change sounds the phone makes. On the second day we will look at how to, call family, text family, favorites,check the weather, check the news, how to take pictures and find pictures time permitting. Come with your phone fully charged and a notepad to take personal notes.