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Winter programs are open for enrollment. Catalogs will be in mailboxes the week of December 10.

We offer classes for all ages, Early Learning through Adults & Seniors. 

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Log Rolling

Come learn this great sport! Log rolling is low impact and improves balance, concentration, and core strength along with having fun. The log we will be using is man-made. Trainers will be used to slow and stabilize the log at first making it easier for beginners. Classes are open to all ability levels.

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Family Pasta Making

Learn how to make pasta from scratch and with the help of Way Cool Cooking School chefs. You and your child will knead, cut, roll pasta into tortellini and fettuccine. We will also learn how to make a homemade 15 min rustic red sauce perfect for a weeknight dinner, and a favorite creamy Alfredo sauce.

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Introduction to Ayurveda      

This ancient holistic system of medicine originated in India about 3000 years ago and is now spreading all over the world. Learn principles of Ayurveda and how they can be used in daily life. You will be amazed to know the secrets this science has to offer and you will fall in love with it!

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