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  • Basic Home Repairs Electrical

    This is a “hands-on” class for the electrical beginner. We will discuss the basic home electrical system. You will learn how to make simple repairs such as replacing switches, wall outlets, checking circuit breakers and rewiring a lamp. You will work with electrical boards to install wire, single pole & three way switches, duplex outlet, and lamp receptacle. Please bring a wire stripper, straight slot screwdriver and long-nose pliers to class if you have them. Cost of Step by Step Guidebook to Home Wiring ($5.00) will be collected at the class.Here's what students had to say about this class:"Todd is great, very informative, personable and knowledgeable." "Great! Had a couple of "light bulb" moments, covered everything that I wanted to cover (cord replacement/switch and plug switching).""Hands on portion at end was fantastic, put everything together."
  • Basic Home Repairs Plumbing

    Do you have a leaky faucet but don't want to pay to have the entire fixture replaced? You may not have to. In this “hands on” class, you will learn how to repair the faucet or replace the entire fixture yourself. You will learn to repair minor plumbing problems and save precious money in the process. There will be a demonstration to cut and glue plastic pipe and fittings, as well as soldering copper pipe and fittings. We will take apart different types of faucets, as well as discuss the internal working parts of a toilet. Cost of Step by Step Guidebook to Home Plumbing ($5) will be collected at the class.Here's what a participant had to say:"Awesome!  Great instructional demonstration time!  I learned a ton.""The class was very informative and was practical for what I would need at home." "Very Informative!  Enjoyed the hands on approach.""This class is excellent-Ted is very knowledgeable and hands on demos are perfect.  Thank you!"