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  • 55+ Driver Discount Program

    The 55+ Driver Discount Program is a state approved accident prevention/insurance discount class that is open to the public. This class provides you with a 10% savings on your automobile insurance premiums for 3 years! It is taught by a certified instructor from MN Highway Safety & Research Center and it provides the latest information in regards to driver and traffic safety, new laws, and vehicle technology. This class has something for everyone! You MUST register by phone at 1-888-234-1294 or online at, do not register through St. Louis Park Community Education. The fee for the 8-hour initial class is $28 and the 4-hour refresher class is $24. Pre-registration is required. *First time participants must complete the initial 8-hour class to receive the discount and should take a 4-hour refresher class every three years after this to maintain their discount.