Summer Learning Play 2018
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  • Red Cross Babysitter Certification (Ages 11+)

    Learn skills to become a confident and self-reliant babysitter. Topics include: child development, First Aid, infant care, dealing with emergencies and planning children’s activities. Participants will receive vital skills, a babysitting guidebook and a certificate of completion. Bring to each session a doll or stuffed animal to diaper. This class will only be three days.  July 24,25,26Instructor: Carol Solheid
  • Kung Fu Wu Shu: Beginner, White, Yellow Belt (Ages 5+)

    Not just a kicking, punching, self-defense class, Kung Fu – Wu Shu will teach awareness of self and surroundings and will improve self-esteem and confidence. Participants learn the life-long benefits of Kung Fu – Wu Shu – the Chinese art of fitness and self-defense – and build muscle, power, flexibility & agility. This is a fun, non-competitive, full-participation class, which focuses on skill-building exercises that strengthens the mind & body, promotes leadership skills, discipline, concentration, coordination, and balance. Parents: Don’t just sit at the sideline! Register and participate with your child in class or join an adult class. (Optional uniform and certification for White to Black Belt is available.) Instructors: National Treasure Kung Fu. All classes held at Lenox Gym.