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Business Coaching Certificate

Adult and Senior / Online Certificate Classes / Human Resources -
Adult Enrichment 2022-2023

Workplace Mentoring & Coaching—Level 1 Mentoring and coaching have come to be used more frequently in organizations to improve leadership competencies. It has benefits for the employer and employee. The knowledge you gather will change the way you see yourself in the workplace. Through this knowledge, you can find helpful strategies to navigate through work and life. Workplace Mentoring & Coaching—Level 2 Building on Coaching and Mentoring in the Workplace Course I, C/M II take a further in-depth look at variables involved in employee support. Additionally, in this course you will develop skills in the development, implementation, and support of coaching and mentoring programs in your workplace. Critical analysis and improvement of your programs alongside group dynamics and innovative strategies will also be examined in terms of coaching and mentoring programs. This course offers the much-awaited toolkit you have been searching for to improve your employees’ performance and create the working environment that your employees will find truly rewarding.

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CEUs/ILUs: 3.2
Length (in hours): 32

Course schedule

Mentoring and Coaching in the Workplace Level 1

  • Sep 8 – Oct 2

Mentoring and Coaching in the Workplace Level 2

  • Oct 5 – 30

Price: $ 395 00