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Barre Fitness

Adult and Senior / Fitness -
Adult Enrichment 2022-2023

BARRE Fitness is a total body conditioning program that blends classical ballet exercises with Pilates, yoga and strength movements. Burn fat and increase lean muscle mass with this low-impact form of exercise. We will use the ballet barre as well as center work to perform a variety of exercises to target multiple muscles with each movement. This class will provide results quickly, improving muscular strength and  stability, endurance, flexibility and balance. Please bring 2-3 lb dumbbells and a mat to class.

Dance Unlimited - Gretchen Novak

Instructor Gretchen Novak is certified in Group Fitness and Yoga, and holds several specialty fitness certificates. She has a background in dance and gymnastics, which shows as she teaches her classes with a strong emphasis on proper form and alignment. Her classes are designed for multiple fitness levels, offering challenges and modifications to suit the needs of all participants. Gretchen owns Park Dance Center, where she offers dance, fitness and yoga classes for youth and adults.


  Dance Unlimited - Gretchen Novak

Dance Unlimited
Wednesdays, Sep 28 - Dec 7
5:40 - 6:30 PM

  No Class Nov 23


Price: $ 139 00