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2 Left Feet Ballroom Dance

Adult and Senior / Music & Dance -
Adult Enrichment 2021-2022

Convinced that you have 2-left feet and that dancing is not meant for you or someone you know? But still, it would be helpful to know a few steps. Just in case…

Learn fun moves and simple tips from a pro to ease you over those times. A touch of Foxtrot, a smattering of Waltz, a tweak of Rumba and a sampling of the passionate Tango are all it takes and you’ll be out on the dance floor!

Couples only please. Register just one person per couple.

Monica Mohn

Monica Mohn is a three-time “USA Dance” National Ballroom champion and nominee by MNBride for “Best Wedding Dance Instruction”. She’s coached competitive ballroom dance teams, taught flash mobs for MN based Fortune 500 companies, and choreographed dance routines for local MN bands. Teaching for over 10 years, her passion and enthusiasm for dance make her class’s fun and easy to learn!

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  Monica Mohn

Aquila : Gym
Wed May 4, Wed May 11 & Wed May 18
6:00 - 7:00 PM


$ 49.00
Per couple

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