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A Tex Mex Fiesta

Adult and Senior / Cooking -
Adult Enrichment 2020-2021

Cook from home with Jeff Sandino!

We'll begin with Empanadas, pastries filled with beef, tomatoes, potatoes and herbs. Flautas are next with chicken in a jalapeno/garlic paste and fried crisp in corn tortillas. We'll then prepare authentic Mexican rice prepared with onions, garlic, tomatoes and fresh cilantro along with Mexican style corn prepared with lime aioli, cayenne pepper and Cotija cheese. Fajitas follow with tender strips of marinated beef and chicken with fresh sauteed bell peppers and onions wrapped in a warm tortilla shell. We’ll finish this fiesta with a Yucatecan-style delight, fresh coconut blended with rich custard in a wonderful nutty crust, baked to a caramelly brown and served with crème fraȋche.

You’ll get a recipe pack mailed right to your home and the link to the Tex Mex Fiesta class videos featuring Jeff instructing you through each recipe step-by-step. Work at your own pace and in your own kitchen to master each of these famous dishes!

You will need internet access to watch the videos.

Jeff Sandino

Founder of "Flavors from the Home" Jeff's love of food began at the Lincoln Del. He sought formal training at L'Hotel Sofitel in Bloomington, MN and Houston Texas. His 40+ year professional career has brought him to such spots as Buca Di Beppo, Figlio, Sunsets on the Bay, My pie pizza and the Sunshine Factory to name just a few. He's appeared on several cooking shows demonstrating his culinary wizardry but his passion is teaching and demystifying the process of gourmet cooking.


  Jeff Sandino

Price: $ 29 00